There remains overwhelming bipartisan support for action to address Louisiana’s urgent land loss crisis through sediment diversions and other science-based restoration efforts. A new poll of coastal Louisiana voters by Global Strategy Group (GSG) shows widespread support for coastal restoration projects consistent with prior polls in recent years.

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About the Poll

Global Strategy Group, an independent polling firm, conducted a phone survey of more than 1,400 registered voters in Louisiana, including an oversampling in coastal parishes.

“We conducted polling similar to this two years ago, and I was surprised to see the extremely strong level of support for coastal restoration then, especially at a time when we hear often about how divided America is. Well, Louisiana is not divided on the issue of coastal restoration and the large-scale sediment diversion projects that are the centerpieces of the state’s plans. The level of support was very high in 2021, and it’s only gotten stronger since then. To call this a consensus would be an understatement.”

– Andrew Baumann, Partner at Global Strategy Group

Key Findings

Voters statewide and on the coast recognize that coastal land loss is having a direct impact and want to see action.

Voters believe sediment diversions will have positive impacts on everything from Louisiana’s ability to withstand storm surges to commercial fisheries.

Keeping homeowners’ insurance rates affordable is top of mind for voters, as is protecting coastal Louisiana from storm surge and flooding. 




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