#makeBPpay National Day of Action

Our national #makeBPpay Twitter Day of Action is here!

Stand with us by demanding BP pay the maximum fines for which they are liable from the 2010 gulf oil spill!

Despite BP’s advertising campaigns to the contrary, the gulf is still suffering from the 2010 spill. Last week, it was announced that 565,000 pounds of oil had washed ashore during Hurricane Isaac. Earlier this month, a three-mile long sheen of oil appeared in the gulf near the Macondo well. Additionally, some reports suggest that BP is negotiating a settlement offer significantly less than half of what they would face at trial. This is unacceptable.

It’s time for BP to stop hiding behind commercials and statements of “robust recovery” and truly commit to making things right for the people and environment of the gulf. BP must pay the maximum fines for which they are liable for the 2010 BP oil spill – now. The Gulf Coast’s ecosystems and communities depend on it.

You can help hold BP accountable by joining us in the #makeBPpay Twitter Day of Action.

Be sure to include the #makeBPpay hashtag as well as tagging @BP_America and @TheJusticeDept in your tweets.

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