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Louisiana’s Land Loss Crisis

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Louisiana has lost 1.2 million acres of land — an area the size of Delaware — since the 1930s. The state continues to lose a football field of land every 100 minutes. This land loss crisis is a national emergency affecting people, wildlife and jobs important to the entire country.

Without action, Louisiana is projected to lose an additional 4,000 square miles over the next 50 years. As the delta disappears, so does the natural protection it provides us. We must act now to reverse this land loss trend and restore Louisiana’s coast.

The Solution

We have the opportunity to reduce land loss and restore and protect our coast by using a combination of restoration projects included in Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan. Multiple projects working together are needed to build and sustain land, but sediment diversions are crucial to confronting Louisiana’s ongoing land loss crisis.

A sediment diversion is a structure of gates built into the levee system to allow river water, sediment and nutrients to flow from the river into degrading wetlands. By mimicking this natural processes that originally built coastal Louisiana, sediment diversions are able to build new land and also provide a sustainable source of sand and mud necessary to support other restoration projects over time.

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