Coastal Master Plan

The rate of land loss in Louisiana is immense. More than an acre of land disappears into open water every hour. Fortunately, the state of Louisiana is uniquely positioned to address this problem through its Coastal Master Plan.

For the 2012 Coastal Master Plan, the state selected 109 high-performing projects that could substantially increase flood protection for communities, rebuild land and create a sustainable coast. The state is currently finalizing its 2017 master plan.

After reviewing all of the projects in the 2012 plan, scientists and experts from Restore the Mississippi River Delta selected 19 projects that represent the most promising near-term solutions for restoring Louisiana’s coast. We recommend these projects for prioritization based on this analysis and the projected benefits they can provide Louisiana’s coast.

These projects will begin restoration of Louisiana’s ecosystem and best meet the goals outlined in the Coastal Master Plan, RESTORE Act, Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council’s Comprehensive Plan, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s requirements and the goals of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment.