New Research Helps Scientists Answer Fundamental Questions About Coastal Restoration

01.04.2017 | In Coastal Restoration
By Rachel Rhode, Manager, Climate Resilient Coasts & Watersheds

When a new idea or project is introduced, people ask questions to better understand it. How and why it has come about? How it will affect people and resources? How much it will cost? These are valid questions that deserve well-researched and clear answers, especially when it comes to large-scale ecosystem restoration efforts, such as restoring coastal Louisiana.

In 2012, Restore the Mississippi River Delta and the Science and Engineering Special Team set out to answer 10 fundamental questions about restoring the Mississippi River Delta. Questions such as Will sediment diversions have an impact on fisheries? Will coastal restoration displace communities? Can levees alone provide enough flood protection?

Since that time, new research and findings continue to emphasize the need to restore and preserve the delta. In a new series, our experts will answer each of these 10 questions with new and updated information, so that reasonable and scientifically-sound decisions can be made about the long-term sustainability of the delta and surrounding ecosystems. This series can also be a tool for interested groups to use to recognize the present situation the Mississippi River Delta is in, how it can impact them and what can and should be done to restore the region.

It is our hope that asking the tough questions and providing clear answers with rational solutions will help policy makers, stakeholders and planners make decisions that will benefit both the Mississippi River Delta and the people and industries that call the region home.

View our series answering 10 fundamental questions about the delta about sedimentvegetationdiversionsleveescommunitiesfisheriesnavigationclimate change & energy, and part 1 and part 2 on the importance of restoration to the state and national economy.