Today is #CoastalDay, Here’s Everything You Need to Know

05.02.2017 | In Coastal Restoration

Today, May 2, is Coastal Day at the Louisiana Legislature. This annual event, organized by the Coast Builders Coalition, is designed to educate legislators about the vital work being done to protect and restore our coast. With the 2017 Coastal Master Plan being introduced early in the legislative session, Coastal Day is an important opportunity to educate representatives and legislators from across the state about the master plan.

You can follow along with updates throughout the day by following the hashtag #CoastalDay on Twitter or following our account @RestoreDelta.

The master plan aims to create a sustainable future for south Louisiana through a mix of coastal restoration, coastal protection and risk reduction projects, and the plan has widespread support — in fact, 88 percent of Louisianians want their legislator to vote for the plan.

As Coastal Day is celebrated at the legislature this week, ads signed by more than 100 Louisiana businesses, chambers of commerce, associations and non-profit organizations in support of the 2017 Coastal Master Plan will be running in newspapers across the state.

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