Set Your Dials: Introducing Delta Dispatches Weekly Radio Show & Podcast

By Jacques P. Hebert, Communications Manager, Coastal Resilience and Ecosystems, Environmental Defense Fund

What happens when a Theriot and an Hebert walk into a radio station? Each week your hosts, Simone Theriot Maloz, the Executive Director of Restore or Retreat and Jacques P. Hebert, Communications Director, Audubon Louisiana will be co-hosting a weekly radio show, “Delta Dispatches,” to discuss Louisiana’s coast, its people, wildlife and jobs, and why restoring it matters.

As the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) passed the 2017 Coastal Master Plan, the fight to restore Louisiana’s coast continues. To keep you engaged and informed, we will bring you discussions on important aspects of coastal restoration, the latest coastal news and events, interviews with relevant experts, business and community leaders, and more.

Catch the show live every Thursday at 5:00pm Central on 990AM or subscribe on iTunes and Google Play below. 

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The River’s Revenge with Tristan Baurick

Thanks for listening to the latest episode of Delta Dispatches! In today’s episode, hosts Jacques Hebert and Simone Maloz dive deep into the Mississippi River with Tristan Baurick to discuss his 5 part investigative series about the Upper Mississippi River. From the Headwaters in Minnesota to Davenport, Iowa, Tristan focused on stories of different ways we’ve tried to control the Mississippi River. At the end of the show, Melissa Mylchreest, associate director at the Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources to talk about the importance of environmental journalism and how IJNR provides immersion training programs for environment and natural resource journalists. Listen now

Philanthropic Support for Louisiana’s Coast

Thanks for tuning into the latest episode of Delta Dispatches! In this episode, Jacques and Simone catch up on the latest coastal news, followed by two more interviews from the EVERLAB conference. Simone sat down with Kristin Tracz of the Walton Family Foundation to talk about their environmental efforts in Louisiana and across the country. Later in the show Simone is joined by Liz Williams Russell from Foundation for Louisiana talks about the LA Safe program, LEAD the Coast, and other programs being done across the coast. Listen now

Talking Port Fourchon, Louisiana’s Coast and Terrebonne’s Coastal Day

Thanks for listening to the latest episode of Delta Dispatches. In this episode, we hear more interviews from the EVERLAB conference. In the first segment of the show, you’ll hear Simone’s interview with Chett Chiasson, Executive Director at Port Fourchon to talk about the importance of industry on Louisiana’s coast and the ways Port Fourchon partners with the state of Louisiana and other exciting things happening with the port. Following that interview, Simone sits down with #1 avid listener, Chip Kline, who talks about the passing of the 2019 Annual Plan, barrier islands and more. They also talk about Terrebonne Parish’s Coastal Day, happening on June 19th. Listen Now!

Everlab 2019 – Connecting the Environment and Economy

Thanks for listening to this week’s episode of Delta Dispatches! In this special episode of the show, host Simone Maloz sat down with a series of guests from the EVERLAB conference. EVERLAB, which took place in New Orleans earlier this month, was a place for conversation around environmental finance, investment, risk management, and economic growth. Simone spoke with several attendees at the conference and in this episode you’ll hear interviews with Michael Hecht, president & CEO of Greater New Orleans,. Inc., Chip Kline, chairman of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) board, and Steve Cochran, associate vice president of coastal resilience with the Environmental Defense Fund. Listen now

Navigating the High Mississippi River

Thanks for listening to the latest episode of Delta Dispatches. Today’s first guest is frequent guest Dr. Alisha Renfro, Coastal Scientist with the National Wildlife Federation! Jacques and Alisha talk at length about the current state of the Mississippi River. They cover everything from the opening of the Bonnet Carre Spillway, the Old River Control Structure and the upcoming (and historic) opening of the Morganza Spillway. In the final segment, Rachel Rhode, Analyst for Coastal Projects and Programs for the Environmental Defense Fund joins the program to discuss several topics including the anatomy of a delta. Listen Now!

Flying over Louisiana’s Coast with SouthWings

Thanks for listening to the latest episode of Delta Dispatches. On today’s show, our hosts Simone Maloz and Jacques Hebert have a conversation with David Moore, the Aviation Director of SouthWings. SouthWings is a non-profit conservation organization that provides a network of volunteer pilots to advocate for the restoration and protection of the ecosystems and biodiversity of the Southeast through flight. David talks about his journey to SouthWings and how you can join their network of pilots! Later in the show Kat Loomis, Outreach Assistant for Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL), to talk about their upcoming events including this week’s Shell-A-Bration! Listen now

Lighthouses, Docents and Volunteer Opportunities in Coastal Louisiana

Today on Delta Dispatches, Welcome to Delta Dispatches, with your host Simone Maloz! She’s joined by guest host Chris Cook, Lighthouse Director at Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation. Chris talks about his path to LPBF, his passion for history, and his work at Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation’s historic lighthouse. Chris and Simone also talk about LBPF’s upcoming Beach Sweep and other upcoming volunteer opportunities. Rebecca Triche, Executive Director at the Louisiana Wildlife Federation joins Simone to talk opportunities happening across the coast including the Conservation Leadership Corps. Listen now

Nurturing Nature with Journalist Ken Wells

Today on Delta Dispatches, Simone and Jacques speak with journalist and author Ken Wells. He talks about his history with both the Houma Courier and Wall Street Journal, how journalism has changed and tells some stories from his years as a journalist. Ken has also written nonfiction books including “Gumbo Life: Tales from the Roux Bayou.” Earlier this month, Ken is now a freelance journalist and wrote an insightful article in U.S. News about Louisiana’s land loss crisis. Later in the show, they’re joined by John Price, regional director of operations with Providence Hotels and The Old No. 77 Hotel in New Orleans to talk about their current promotion with Restore the Mississippi River Delta. Listen now

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