Set Your Dials: Introducing Delta Dispatches Weekly Radio Show & Podcast

By Jacques P. Hebert, Communications Director, Restore the Mississippi River Delta Coalition, National Audubon Society

What happens when a Theriot and an Hebert walk into a radio station? You’re about to find out! Starting today, Thursday March 2, Restore or Retreat Executive Director Simone Theriot Maloz and I will be co-hosting a weekly radio show, “Delta Dispatches,” to discuss Louisiana’s coast, its people, wildlife and jobs, and why restoring it matters.

As the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) advances its draft 2017 Coastal Master Plan, the next few months will be critical in the fight to restore Louisiana’s coast. To keep you engaged and informed, we will bring you discussions on important aspects of coastal restoration, the latest coastal news and events, interviews with relevant experts, business and community leaders, and more.

Catch the show live every Thursday at 5:00pm Central on 990AM or subscribe on iTunes and Google Play below. 

Happy Listening!

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Listen to the Episode 4: Fisheries now!


Episode 1: Introduction to the Delta Dispatches

In the the inaugural episode of Delta Dispatches, Jacques and Simone speak to Steve Cochran, Campaign Director of Restore the Mississippi Delta, and Alisha Renfro, Coastal Scientist for the National Wildlife Federation. Listen Now | Read the Transcript

 Episode 2: The 2017 Master Plan

On today’s show Bren Haase, assistant administrator of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority joins the program to talk with Simone about the 2017 Coastal Master Plan. Dr. Denise Reed, Chief Scientist, of The Water Institute of the Gulf comes on to also to talk with Jacques about the master plan. Listen Now | Read the Transcript

 Episode 3: Sediment Diversions

In episode three of Delta Dispatches, Jacques talks to Rudy Simoneaux and Brad Barth from the CPRA about the science of sediment diversions and how they fit into the 2017 Coastal Master Plan. Afterwards, Simone talks to Rebecca Triche from the Louisiana Wildlife Federation to discuss some of the coastal restoration projects LWF is currently working on. Listen Now | Read the Transcript

 Episode 4: Fisheries

In episode 4 of Delta Dispatches, Simone talks with Captain Ryan Lambert of Cajun Fishing Adventures to talk about coastal restoration. Later in the show, Dr. John Lopez, executive director of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, joins the program to talk with Jacques about saving Louisiana’s fisheries. Listen Now