Coastal Latest & Greatest: Bald Eagles, Barrier Islands, and a Disappearing Boot. 3 Stories You Should Read this Weekend.

05.11.2018 | In Latest News

A weekly round-up of what’s new in Louisiana coastal restoration


1) Bald Eagles. “It’s one of the best conservation stories of any animal that was on the endangered species list,” said Michael Seymour, non-game ornithologist for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. John Snell reports on the comeback of our national emblem in Fox 8’s report, “Bald eagles attempting to raise chicks in Louisiana succeed close to 100 percent of the time.”


2) Barrier Islands. In John Snell’s Fox 8 report, “Louisiana taps into a buried treasure of sand to rebuild barrier islands,” we take a look at restoration in action and learn where the state found a 40-year supply of sand to rebuild critical barrier islands.


3) Disappearing Boot. We’re all familiar with the iconic Louisiana “boot,” but did you know that it looks very different now than what you see on highway signs? Mark Schleifstein’s Times-Picayune report, “Missing boot: Satellite image shows eroding Louisiana coastline,” looks at NASA imagery of our rapidly eroding coastline.

NASA Terra image of Louisiana’s disappearing coast, April 30 2018. Credit: NASA.


ICYMI: Alisha Renfro’s lastest blog, “A Tale of Two Basins,” details why one Louisiana basin is dying while another is thriving, and what that can teach us about restoration.