Freshwater Diversion

Union Freshwater Diversion

  • Project TypeFreshwater Diversion
  • Project BasinPontchartrain-Maurepas Basin

Union Freshwater Diversion will convey fresh water from the Mississippi River into West Maurepas swamp near Burnside. Nutrient-rich freshwater inputs to the fresh-forested, flotant and freshwater marsh environments will prevent saltwater intrusion and encourage vegetation growth. The diversion will also convey fine sediment to nourish existing wetlands or create new wetlands in Maurepas swamp. Ascension, Livingston, St. James and St. John the Baptist parishes are all expected to receive flood-reduction benefits from this project. The fine grain sediment may also increase elevation to a point where there are periods without inundation so that seeds can germinate, perpetuating the forest into the future.