Shrimp RollsBy rchauvinThis quick and easy recipe is the perfect dish to make with the leftovers from a backyard shrimp boil.
Oysters and BeerBy rchauvinI have many memories of hanging out with friends and someone getting the brilliant idea to get a sack of oysters only to discover that no one really knew how to shuck them. Here's how to avoid scraped knuckles and close calls.
Randolph’s Broiled SeafoodBy rchauvinThe dish, once featured at Randolph's Restaurant in Golden Meadow, holds a special place in the heart (and stomach) of many seafood lovers.
Alligator Sauce PiquanteBy rchauvinThis recipe is Ted Falgout’s trademark, award-winning dish served by his family and he’s thrilled to pass the tradition down to his sons!
Louisiana Frog LegsBy rchauvinThis is a standard south Louisiana frog leg recipe. Erin Brown shares the recipe she just cooked this up a few weeks ago after a great frogging trip!
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