Alisha Renfro

Coastal Scientist, Mississippi River Delta Restoration Program, National Wildlife Federation

Alisha Renfro is a coastal scientist with the National Wildlife Federation working on the Mississippi River Delta Restoration Campaign. Alisha has a M.S. in Marine Science from University of North Carolina at Wilmington and a Ph.D. in Marine and Atmospheric Science from Stony Brook University. Over the past 15 years, she has worked in a variety of coastal environments, including beaches, barrier islands, forested wetlands, and freshwater and saltwater marshes. Her scientific research has focused on examining sediment transport and deposition and nutrient cycling in estuaries and wetlands to understand the reasons behind declining wetland health and increasing land loss. In her role with the National Wildlife Federation, she works to ensure the best available science is used to highlight to the ecological and economic importance of the Mississippi River Delta and the solutions that are needed in the pathway forward to a more sustainable future.

Scientific Publications

Renfro, A.A., J.K. Cochran, D.J. Hirschberg, H.J. Bokuniewicz, S. Goodbred. (2016). The sediment budget of an urban coastal lagoon (Jamaica Bay, NY) determined using 234Th and 210Pb. Estuarine, Coastal, and Shelf Science.

Lara-Martinn, P.A., A.A. Renfro, K. Cochran, B.J. Brownawell. (2015). Geochronologies of pharmaceuticals in a sewage-impacted estuarine urban setting (Jamaica Bay, New York). Environmental Science and Technology.

Renfro, A.A., J.K. Cochran, and B. Colle. (2012). Atmospheric fluxes of Be-7 and Pb-210 on monthly time-scales and during rainfall events at Stony Brook, New York (USA). Journal of Environmental Radioactivity.

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