Freshwater Diversion

Central Wetlands Diversion and Wetland Restoration

  • Project TypeFreshwater Diversion, Marsh Creation
  • Project BasinPontchartrain-Maurepas Basin
  • ParishOrleans, St. Bernard

This diversion and restoration project would benefit the Central Wetlands Unit in eastern Orleans and St. Bernard parishes, including the Bayou Bienvenue Triangle. The area was once primarily a freshwater system, dominated by bald cypress swamp and freshwater marsh, but today deteriorating brackish marsh is the predominant habitat type and much of what was swamp is now open water. The destruction of the swamp habitat was caused by salt water intrusion into this system through the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet navigation channel. This project will help sustain remaining marsh and swamp in the Central Wetlands and will facilitate restoration of marsh and swamp in areas that are now open water by utilizing dredged sediment through the Sediment Conveyance Pipeline East project. Additionally, fresh water from this project could help maintain optimum salinities for oysters and other estuarine organisms in the nearby Lake Borgne and Biloxi marshes.