Uncle Frank’s Oyster DressingBy rchauvinThis oyster dressing recipe captures the tastes and smells of home in south Louisiana during the holidays. Make it for yourself!
New Orleans Creamy PralinesBy rchauvinRead about the book Praline Lady, which tells the story of how Black women reinvented the French dessert and learn to make your own pralines!
Crabmeat CheesecakeBy rchauvinAdd some flair to your holiday spread with this crabmeat cheesecake recipe from Fleurty Girl founder Lauren LeBlanc Haydel!
Shrimp and Creamy GritsBy rchauvinIs this shrimp and grits recipe the perfect New Orleans dish? It's not for us to say, but you should cook it and decide for yourself!
Wahoo SashimiBy rchauvinDerived from an appreciation of Japanese flavors and the tastiness of the fresh fish itself – there’s no better way to enjoy freshly caught fish than sashimi!
Oyster Artichoke SoupBy rchauvinOysters are a foundation of Louisiana’s world-renowned cuisine. This soup is the perfect way to warm up in the chilly months!
Crawfish Stew-FayBy hparkerChef Marcelle Bienvenu shares her mother's recipe for this take on Crawfish Etouffee as a stew-fay, reminding us that there are no rules in Cajun cooking.
Crawfish CheesecakeBy rchauvinChef John Kozar was inspired to create a savory cheesecake and is the only Louisiana seafood dish he's ever created.
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